How to Become Verified on Discord?

Discord isn’t just a platform for text and voice communication; it’s a comprehensive hub with integrated features such as Twitch designed to enhance the experience of streamers, content creators and everyday users alike. Whether you’re a business proprietor or someone eager for a casual conversation, accessing Discord’s full suite of benefits requires undergoing a verification … Read more

Using Spoiler Tags for Text and Images on Discord

Spoilers can really ruin surprises and with platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Discord it’s easy to accidentally spoil something for someone else. On Discord where chats move quickly, it’s important to be mindful of others who might not want to see spoilers. Fortunately the Discord provides tools like spoiler tags to help keep surprises … Read more

How to Change Your Discord Username or Display Name?

Are you tired of your current Discord username? Maybe you didn’t think much about it when you first picked it and now you want to add a personal touch. If you want to change your Discord username or display name it’s easy to do. Here’s how to change both on Discord. Changing Your Discord Username … Read more

How to Add a Music Bot to Discord?

Gamers streamers and other Discord users enjoy using Discord for voice and text messaging. One of the fun things you can do with Discord is to add bots that send automated messages, moderate your servers and even play music. Yes you can use music bots on Discord to enjoy your favorite tunes. If you’re wondering … Read more