How To Find Liked Pages On Facebook?

Over the years you’ve likely hit the “like” button on many Facebook pages. Initially when Facebook launched, hitting the like button was a way to share your tastes and interests with friends from movies and TV shows to bands and everyday activities like “going to tell someone something and then forgetting what it was.” Current … Read more

A Quick Guide to Change Your Facebook Name?

Updating your Facebook profile name is simple whether you want to reflect a change in your surname or add a playful nickname. Remember Facebook allows you to update your name just once every 60 days. If you’re considering a humorous alteration be sure you’re comfortable with it for the next two months. Here are the … Read more

Easy Steps to Remove Pages from Your Business Portfolio

If you’re managing a business portfolio and decide you no longer need a specific Page you have the option to remove it. It’s important to note that once removed you cannot transfer the ownership of this Page to another business portfolio. However, if one organization removes a Page another one can add it. Before You … Read more

The Difference Between Deactivating and Deleting Your Facebook Account

When you have multiple Facebook profiles, deleting or deactivating your main Facebook account will also delete or deactivate all associated profiles. Here’s a quick guide on how to manage individual profiles and the implications of each action. Deactivating Your Facebook Account Deleting Your Facebook Account How to Deactivate Your Account? Deactivating through the Accounts Centre … Read more