How to Learn Spanish Using YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram

Today, Learning Spanish is much easier with online platforms. YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram can help you learn Spanish easily. The worldwide digital language learning market is likely to post a CAGR of 18.7% from 2020 to 2027 and to clock a market valuation of $17.18 billion. The increasing adoption of mobile technology drives this growth. … Read more

5 Best YouTube Channels To Learn English For Japanese Students

English opens many doors for Japane­se students. It helps with jobs, me­eting people, and le­arning new things. A recent study found that ove­r 70% of Japanese companies ne­ed people who can spe­ak English well. YouTube has lots of free­ videos to learn English. It’s easy to use­, has many kinds of videos, and is fun. … Read more

How to Stop Seeing Unwanted YouTube Channels in Your Feed?

Certain YouTube channels might not be to your liking. Maybe they’re full of clickbait or the creator has viewpoints you disagree with. Whatever the reason you don’t need to let these channels clutter up your YouTube feed. Let’s go through the steps to keep these channels out of sight regardless of the device you’re using. … Read more

A Guide to Ambient Mode on YouTube

Have you ever wondered what Ambient Mode on YouTube is all about? In this guide, we’ll explore the features of Ambient Mode and provide you with easy steps to activate or deactivate it. Introduced in late October 2022 Ambient Mode is a unique feature that enhances your video-watching experience by adding a soft glowing light … Read more

Easy Ways to Play YouTube in the Background on Any Smartphone

Playing YouTube videos in the background on your Android or iPhone is straightforward if you’re subscribed to YouTube Premium. Simply play a video and you can turn off your screen or switch apps; the video will keep playing seamlessly. However even without a subscription it’s possible to play videos in the background using picture-in-picture mode … Read more

Creating Your YouTube Playlist: A Beginner’s Guide

Discovering the world of YouTube playlists is like unlocking a treasure trove of digital content suited to every interest under the sun. Whether you’re a fan of the latest hits educational content or anything in between there’s a playlist for you on YouTube. In our digital era, YouTube brings a vast array of content directly … Read more