How to Become Verified on Discord?

Discord isn’t just a platform for text and voice communication; it’s a comprehensive hub with integrated features such as Twitch designed to enhance the experience of streamers, content creators and everyday users alike. Whether you’re a business proprietor or someone eager for a casual conversation, accessing Discord’s full suite of benefits requires undergoing a verification process.

The Essentials of Discord Verification

This guide will walk you through verifying your Discord account, your server or your bot.

Preliminary Requirements

Before embarking on the server verification journey make sure you meet these initial conditions:

  • You must be the server owner and an official representative of a recognized brand business or public figure.
  • Your associated social media accounts should be officially verified to support the authenticity of your verification request.
  • A professional email associated with your brand or business is required to confirm your official status.

Discord evaluates the following to determine if a server is eligible for verification:

  • Authenticity: Your server should represent a registered business brand or public figure.
  • Originality: Your server must be the sole official server for its entity although exceptions might exist for regional or language-specific servers.
  • Recognition: Your brand or business should have a robust presence on social media and an official website. Discord does not consider paid or promotional content as valid for this criterion.

Meeting Discord’s Community Standards for Verification

Your server must also comply with Discord’s community standards. Verification is entirely at the discretion of Discord. Successful verification grants you a custom URL, an Invite Splash and a verification badge to demonstrate your server’s authenticity.

Linking Your Server for Increased Credibility

If your server does not currently meet these standards you can demonstrate its authenticity by linking to your server from your Twitter account or official website.

Content creators and streamers may consider applying for Discord Partner status by visiting the official Discord Partner webpage for more details.

Applying for Discord Server Verification

To initiate your server verification:

  1. Go to Discord’s verification webpage.
  2. Click on ‘Apply Now’.
  3. Log in to your account to proceed with the application.

Verifying a Discord Bot

Discord mandates that bots in over 100 servers must be verified. You’ll receive an email from Discord when your bot is in 75 servers with a link to apply for verification in advance.

To verify your bot:

  1. Use the link from the Discord email or visit the developer portal directly.
  2. Follow the ‘Verification Required’ instructions and link at the top of the page.
  3. Submit a scanned copy of your official photo ID and fill in the necessary information—each section must have at least 100 characters.
  4. After submitting a ‘Verification Request Processing’ banner will confirm your submission. A ‘Verified’ checkmark will be added to your bot once approved.

Verifying Your Personal Discord Account

You can verify your personal account via email or optionally through your phone.

When you set up your account a verification email is automatically sent. To resend or change the email:

  1. Log into your Discord account.
  2. Navigate to Settings and then to the Account tab.
  3. Click the ‘Verify’ button shown on the ‘Verify your email’ banner.
  4. On the verification page choose to Resend Email or Change Email as needed.
  5. Check your inbox for the verification email; if not found check the junk or spam folder. If still not received after a few attempts try resending it.
  6. Open the verification email and click on ‘Verify Email’.

Your account is now successfully verified.

Factors That Can Revoke Discord Verification

Discord can withdraw verification based on several factors including:

  • Support for individuals or entities promoting violence or hate.
  • Sale or attempted sale of verified servers.
  • Engagement in harassment or harmful behaviors.
  • Promotion of violence or terrorism.
  • Posting of disturbing or violent content.
  • Transfer of server ownership to someone not officially affiliated with the associated brand or entity.
  • Inactivity or unsupported status of the server.
  • Any activity breaching Discord’s Community Guidelines.

Discord Verified

With an array of vital features Discord is poised to enrich user interaction and community building for content creators and business owners. Verification ensures the platform’s integrity marking verified accounts and servers with a distinctive checkmark to signal their authenticity.

What’s your Discord story? Share your experiences and thoughts about this service in the comments below.