Easy to Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously!

Iganony is a prominent tool for viewing Instagram stories anonymously without logging into Instagram or any other application. It offers a seamless and user-friendly experience, making it an ideal solution for those who prefer privacy when browsing Instagram stories. IG Anony remains a reliable and updated option for users seeking anonymity while viewing Instagram stories.

no account require for Iganony

Access Instagram stories, reels and other posts via Iganony without any need to sign up or log into an account and you don’t have to install anything at all.


Using IG Anony Viewer, you remain completely anonymous. Your view does not appear in the account owner’s view statistics, ensuring your privacy is intact.


IG Anony App provides a simple interface that makes watching Instagram profiles anonymous easy. Simply open the website, enter the desired username and start watching with privacy.

Yes, It’s completely free of charge. It requires no registration and one can access it anytime without any charge.

No need for installations— Iganony is a web tool that you use directly online. It’s not only free but also secure and safe.

Indeed, you can view and download Instagram Reels, videos and photos using the IG Anony app.

Absolutely. You can view Instagram stories anonymously using either a computer or a smartphone.