Remove Content

PeepStories is a separate entity from Instagram. We don’t have any of your Instagram pictures or videos stored on our computers or servers. All that content belongs to the folks who posted it on Instagram or the owners of those accounts.

Sometimes, people find that their Instagram content appears on websites like ours, and they might not be too happy about it. If you come across anything of yours on PeepStories that you want taken down, don’t worry! Simply send us an email. Our team is pretty quick and efficient, and we’ll make sure the content is removed within 1-2 days. We’re here to respect your privacy and rights.

If you’re looking to keep your Instagram content from showing up not just on PeepStories but on any similar site, there’s a simple step you can take. By setting your Instagram profile to ‘private,’ you control who gets to see your posts. This way, only the people you approve can view your content. It’s the best move to keep your photos and videos just between you and your chosen audience.

Remember, your privacy and comfort are important, both on Instagram and across the internet. If you’ve got any more concerns or need help with something related to your content on PeepStories, reaching out to us is easy. Just use the email provided, and we’ll get back to you as fast as we can.

Thanks for visiting PeepStories!